Swimwear - Dried Rose - 2 Pieces 2011
Swimwear - Dried Rose - 2 Pieces 2011
  • رمز المنتج : SW-2011-22-L
  • متوفر : في المخزن متوفر بكمية خارج المخزن يمكنك شراء هذا المنتج ولكنه غير متوفر حاليا في المخزن

Swimwear - Dried Rose - 2 Pieces 2011

£33.99 £65.99


    Model: 2011.
    Category: Swimwear.
    Fabric: 100% Microfiber, 100% Baumwolle.
    Consists of bottom, top, swim cap and neck collar.
    Sub sweatpants waist with pantyhose.
    Zipper pockets.
    Upper part is half mesh lined from the waistline.
    Available with special bag.

    Delivery: Same day dispatch from London. Free delivery for UK customers.
    Return policy: Returns accepted within 28 days. Free for UK customers.

    High quality Turkish made and design.

    NOTICE: There is approximately "4 cm" difference between sizes please carefully read the size chart we provided in the pictures (last image).

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